The Workshops

I have accessed too many thoughts, inspirational ideas, shared pieces of women’s hearts, and healing snippets to even begin to write them all down. They are dandelion “wishing flower” seeds in a brisk wind. Each so beautiful and meaningful but impossible to capture.
— Wendy

Charlotte is currently leading several workshop series in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Additional workshops and exciting new partnerships are upcoming. To view our current workshop calendar, click here.

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Monthly Writing Challenge

Each month, we will post a simple writing prompt.  It's an opportunity to take a few minutes for yourself, and discover how empowering the act of writing can be.  Share what you've written right on our site.  Read and respond to what others have written. You will be moved by how much we all share in common.  Click here.

I’ve come alive in this workshop. I’ve missed my feelings. Thank you!
— Workshop Participant
Writing and listening to others has helped me to not feel so isolated. I feel like I’m understood when I share. I don’t feel embarrassed by what I’m writing. Listening to others has resonated with my own struggle. You’ve given me a voice. I am so looking forward to every workshop. I feel I’ve found part of my tribe with you.
— Patricia

A welcoming, non-judgemental, hopeful atmosphere that is not cliche, treacly or sentimental.
— M.H.
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Amazing! Writing. Women. Healing. Connection. Hope. Creativity. Perspective. Humility.
— Jenni