Our goal is to create a beautiful and evocative feature-length documentary about women reclaiming their voices after cancer threatens to silence them.  Part process (our workshops), part product (the writing that results), and part personal journey, the film will illuminate the far-reaching emotional impact of this insidious disease, follow several women's paths, and raise our conversation about cancer above a whisper.

(Please know that participation in our workshops does not mean you must participate in the film.  While this process can be a powerful one for many people, we understand and respect that it is and should be a very personal decision.)

This short trailer launching our project is based on one of Charlotte's poems, written about her diagnosis with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 39.

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About Red Spark

At Red Spark, we produce feature-length documentaries and shorts on social issues, including women's health, justice and equality, homelessness, poverty and family violence.  We see film as a vehicle for sharing stories with the power to change people in profound ways:  both those in the telling, and those who hear them.  We are a partner in helping people who have never before told their story share it in a way that is safe, truthful and empowering.

Red Spark was founded by Emmy Award-winning producer Betsy Cox, who brings more than 25 years of experience to every production.

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Our Plans for the Film

We are often asked what our ultimate goal is for this film.  There is more than one.

Build community.  First and foremost, a documentary should be an empowering platform for those whose stories are featured.  The simple act of writing can reconnect you to your life in profound ways.  Sharing what you have to say with others magnifies that a hundred-fold.  Whether you are a woman participating in the project or simply someone watching the film, there is value in knowing you are not alone.

Educate the public.  Who among us has not had - or will not have - a woman in our life battle cancer?  Yet many of us struggle with how to support them.  Understanding what they are going through can be a powerful conduit to providing care and comfort.  Our goal is to have the documentary demystify a disease that is still often ignored or talked about in whispers.

Create a replicable model.   We believe writing workshops should be a standard offering for women with cancer anywhere in the country.  The film, together with a facilitators' guide, will be packaged together to enable this to happen. 


I couldn’t imagine working with anyone other than Betsy Cox. She helped me share the most intimate and sensitive information.
— Olga Trujillo, "A Survivor's Story"
Director and Producer Betsy Cox

Director and Producer Betsy Cox

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