No Place Like Home

By Charlotte Matthews

During the Depression people swarmed to theaters to behold the 

Wizard of Oz in Technicolor:

the bright yellow road, the ruby red slippers.

a way to divert minds from worry.


I think of this now when I try to recap last week's filming 

of the trailer for Whistle Words. It was transcendent

the way the Wizard of Oz must have been. It took patience and expertise and

insight on the part of the film crew.


We began with images of me typing on my 1941 Corona and ended with an image 

of the waterfall in Schuyler, Virginia - itself a magnificent and formidable force of nature.

In between those shots we filmed my mastectomy scars, making of them

something artful, ethereal.

I am so grateful to Betsy and Ryan and Jason and Kai for a day of 

wonder and transcendence--all shot at our house in Schuyler.

Indeed there is no place like home.