May Day

By Charlotte Matthews

Today is the first day of May. It is May Day.

Not the calling for help on a ship kind—not at all. 

It is also the first Blog for Whistle Words. In middle school on May Day we sang oh the summertime is coming and the trees are sweetly blooming. We were joyous and hopeful for warm months, for the prospect of summer recess. Whistle Words is a kind container for hope. And it is blossoming, a way for our collective voices to affirm each other and offer warmth.

A couple months after diagnosis I did everything backwards. I unmade my bed,  put the clean dishes in the dishwasher, ate dessert, ate dinner—because if you start with the end of a thing, little can surprise you. Before cancer, surprise held for me a kind of delight.

Afterwards—not at all.

There are days we live close with the fear, and others that hold a kind of expansion. May this May and all its flourishing help you feel peace.

I will post a new Blog each Monday. I hope you enjoy these mental roamings.