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BE HEARD: Corrie

My name is Corrie Green. I live in Virginia in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley with my husband Chris and 8 year old daughter Marlo. When my friends and I were all turning 40 we decided to get our mammograms done together and celebrate our energy and health. But of course I had cancer stage 2 grade 3 with very rare features only affecting four percent of women. The air of my life had been sucked out of the proverbial balloon. Writing became a way to express my fear, my pain and my loss. Most specifically I wrote songs. I wrote the song Red Devil after hearing the nurses call the Adriamycin chemotherapy Red Devil. It was the color of blood and made me feel like hell. It also sounded like an accurate description to my experience. The song is a bit dark, but it was a dark time. I would sing it to the nurses and patients while I was sorting out the verses and it was very healing for me.